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Financial Management Services

Financial Manager.
We will personalize these services to meet your needs, from the simplest day-to-day bill paying to more long-term financial planning and investments.
• Pay bills - property taxes, insurance premiums, income tax estimates, utility charges, medical bills, charitable donations, etc.
• File insurance claims.
• Collect and deposit dividend and interest checks; collect funds from maturing securities.
• Monitor stocks and act upon stock splits, conversions, and calls.
• Hold securities in safekeeping.
• Provide easy-to-understand reports and complete income tax records.
We can help you determine:
• If stocks, bonds, or tax-exempt securities are appropriate.
• The right time to retain or dispose of real estate.
• The advantages of gifting.
• How estate planning might be beneficial to you.
• If your investments are positioned to meet your retirement goals.
You may elect to name First National Bank as trustee of your living trust or as trustee of a trust established in your will. Working with our
Financial Management Professionals will relieve your family or friend of bearing this responsibility and avoid problems, such as:
• The named trustee encountering problems due to stress, health and age thus compromising their ability to act as trustee as needed.
• The trustee relocating or living under very different circumstances, hampering their ability to fulfill the role when these services are needed.
By naming First National Bank as trustee, you are assured that your trustee will be ready to serve when the need arises.
In your will, you may name First National Bank as executor, co-executor or alternate executor. In each case, our Financial Management Professionals offer:
• Bonded professionals with experience and objectivity that is often missing from a family member
• Estate planning and coordination of efforts with an attorney to draft your will; then settle financial affairs; and
• The ability to work on behalf of your family and beneficiaries to carry out your wishes
First National Bank can be named as conservator to assist minors, elderly and individuals suffering from mental or physical handicaps. We can offer security that assets will be managed professionally and always in the ward’s best interests.
Escrow Agent.
When the need arises for an impartial third party, First National Bank’s bonded Financial Management Professionals are available from start to finish, offering:
• The impartiality of a third party; and
• The ability to hold legal documents pending completion of a sale or performance of a contact
For more information or to schedule a meeting:
Phone: 515-663-3037


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