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Considerations When a Loved One Passes Away

What do I need to do now?

This is a question we often hear from our customers after the death of a loved one. The financial aspects of a death in the family can be overwhelming. As your bank, we are not able to provide legal advice, but we do have trained Private Bankers on staff to help you with suggestions as you go through this difficult time. 


Questions to consider:

·        Is there a will or trust set up? Was there an attorney involved?
·        Were written funeral and burial plans developed?
·        Did the individual have a safe deposit box? Do you know were the keys are located?
·        Are there life insurance policies?
·        Are there pension or retirement benefits to consider?
·        Do you know where bank statements, checkbooks, investment statements, etc. are located?
·        Where are the motor vehicles titles?
·        Are there any unpaid bills outstanding?
If you would like to visit with someone about where to begin, please contact:
Jacki Foley
(515) 663-3085 
Jennifer Walter
(515) 777-7174
First National Bank also offers Estate Administration Services to assist you and your family during this process.


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