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Safe Deposit Boxes

Protect your most valuable possessions from loss, theft or accidental destruction with a safe deposit box from First National Bank. We also provide you with private rooms while you remove or add to the contents of your safe deposit box.

  • Save important documents like passports, deeds, birth and marriage certificates, Social Security records, and wills.
  • Protect jewelry, medals, heirlooms, coins and stamp collections.
  • Safeguard financial information such as bills of sale, contracts, bonds, insurance policies, stock certificates, and tax records.

Choose the First National Bank safe deposit box that fits your needs. Box sizes vary at each office location.

Size And Annual Rates

Single Width Box (5" Wide)
3" high $26.00
4" high $31.00
5" high $36.00

Double Width Box (10" Wide)
3" high $51.00
4" high $62.00
5" high $74.00
6" high $85.00
8" high $110.00
10" high $130.00
Locker 12 x 16 $233.00

Initial Key Deposit is $15.00. All boxes are 21" in length.

Box drilling is $175.00. If lock replacement is required, an additional fee
between $40 and $80 will be assessed.


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