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Our very own Tom Friedman, First National Bank, Ankeny Market President, is featured in the Ankeny Press Citizen Bi-weekly with his insight into the world of small business. Enjoy his humor and business perspective. Feel free to contact Tom at (515) 965-3969 if you have any questions or comments.

A lesson from my cousin 11-24-15

Welcome Home 11-10-15

Cub Fans 10-27-15

A ping pong tale 10-13-15

Which way is top 9-29-15

Shark Tank 9-15-15

The Nielsen TV Rating 9-1-15

Why I do business with Tim 8-18-15

The Runaway Dog 8-4-15

Cole's Massage Business 7-21-15

Ben's dislocated shoulder 7-7-15

The Disney experience 6-23-15

What is your brand 6-9-15

Relying on technology 5-26-15

The circle of life 5-12-15

Blackjack 4-28-15

The Emcee 4-14-15

The un-empowered waitress 3-31-15

Survey says 3-10-15

All-Access 2-24-15

To account or not to account, that is the question 2-10-15

A tale of two checks 1-27-2015 

The check is in the mail 1-13-15

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