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Protect Yourself From Vishing Scams

Recently, vishing scams have been on the rise.  First National has received a report from Shazam that they have received multiple reports about customers receiving automated and live telephone calls demanding account information. In at least one case, a message was left on a cardholder’s telephone, asking the cardholder to call back a toll-free telephone number to enter account information.

Unlike previous vishing attacks that follow a single source point or method of operation, these reports have varied widely. Some calls have referenced “Visa® debit” or MasterCard® debit”; some have referenced “your SHAZAM debit card”; and others have made no reference to an organization. Again, some have included recorded messages while others have had a live operator or callback option. One trend SHAZAM has noticed is some calls listing a “spoofed” caller identification number of 1402.

These calls are fraudulent and have not been authorized by SHAZAM or First National Bank.  Please do not give out any personal information and contact the bank as soon as possible if you feel your account information has been comprised in any way.

For More Information

If you have any questions, please contact our ATM Department at 515-232-5561.



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