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Save Money this Memorial Day Weekend

Not only is Memorial Day weekend a time to honor those who are serving or have served our country, many families take advantage of the three-day weekend to travel or gather with family and friends. No matter your plans, here are some tips to help you save money this Memorial Day weekend.

If you're going out of town:
• Tune up your car to get the best gas mileage. Check tire pressure to make sure they are all equally inflated to the proper amount. Fill your tank before the weekend arrives and gas prices get even higher. By using cruise control while driving, you will be less likely to get a speeding ticket, and the consistent speed will save you valuable gas dollars. Finally, turn off the air conditioner and enjoy the fresh air.

• Pack picnic lunches and snacks for the family to minimize the cost of stopping to eat at restaurants along the way. Also stock up on a variety of beverages for the cooler.

If you're hosting:
• A barbecue is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while feeding a lot of people on a budget. Hot dogs and hamburgers are always a good choice and won't break your bank. It's also typical to ask guests to bring sides or drinks to a barbecue, saving you a few more dollars.

• Another great way to save money is to host a potluck instead of providing food for everyone. This frees up your budget for other things such as games and decorations.

If you're keeping it simple:
• Memorial Day weekend is usually a great time to be outside. Take a hike, go to the park or have a picnic with your family. Outdoor activities are generally free, so they fit in perfectly with a frugal lifestyle.

• Instead of traveling, enjoy your three-day weekend in the comfort of your own home. Rent some movies and enjoy quality time with your loved ones for little or no cost.


These tips are provided by the Iowa Bankers Association (IBA), representing banks and thrifts in the state. The IBA serves it members by providing legislative advocacy, training, regulatory compliance and other services designed to enhance the ability of banks to serve their communities.  Learn more at


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