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First National Bank Partners with Ames High School to Help Students to Make Informed Financial Decisions through an Online Program

During the fall semester, Ames High students in Rhonda Schmaltz’s Personal Finance class had the opportunity to participate in the Iowa Financial Literacy Program, powered by EverFI. First National Bank is partnering with Ames High School and EverFI to use new media technology – video, animation, 3-D gaming, avatars and social networking - to bring complex financial concepts to life for today’s digital generation. Through this program, students became certified in over 600 topics in financial education, allowing them to become more informed, responsible citizens. First National Bank has partnered with EverFI to bring the interactive financial management program to these students at no cost to the school.

Topics include:

  • Savings & Budgeting
  • Understanding a Credit Score and its Implications
  • Understanding Credit Cards & Managing Debt
  • How a Bank Works & Federal Reserve overview
  • Taxes and Insurance
  • Renting vs. Owning
  • Managing Loans to Finance Higher Education
  • Investing Overview: An In Depth Review of Trading and How the Stock Exchange Works
  • Consumer Fraud and Protection

Mrs. Schmaltz commented that the online education tool makes helping students understand the importance of good money management easy. The students can easily relate to the program because it is structured in a way that connects with them. The students are learning valuable life-skills that are essential after graduation.     

Scott Bauer, president at First National Bank, commented, “providing financial education opportunities is an important goal for First National Bank. We are excited to partner with Ames High and look forward to kicking off another training section during the 2014 spring semester.” Learn more about the EverFI program.

Pictured are Mrs. Schmaltz’s two Personal Finance Classes at Ames High School. Kurt Jensen, Senior Vice President at First National Bank, presented the students with certificates for completing the EverFI financial literacy program during the fall semester.


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