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By the Numbers: 51


Imagine your daughter applying for a student loan and being denied. The reason: A credit score of 422. “But how?” you ask. “She’s never borrowed a dime.”

Investigating further, you help her obtain a copy her credit report and find 10 pages of defaulted loans and credit cards. Someone has been using your daughter’s identity fraudulently for the past seven years – since she was 11!

Through no fault or neglect of their own or their parents, children have become easy, profitable targets for identity thieves. In fact, a study by the Carnegie Mellon CyLab shows that children are 51 times more likely to become victims of identity theft than adults. Children leave the hospital shortly after birth with a brand-new social security number. If stolen, that number can be used fraudulently for years without anyone detecting it. After all, who thinks to check their 2-year-old’s credit score?

There is good news, however.  In the event you or a family member become a victim of identity theft, our new ID TheftSmart service will restore your identity, 100%.  Click here to learn more.


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