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Statement Of Condition

First National Bank

Ames, Iowa
March 31, 2014

Cash and Due from Banks $21,850,514
Interest Bearing Bank Balances 2,720,321
U.S. Government Securities 142,887,940
Municipal Bonds 167,485,891
Corporate Bonds and Other Securities 22,893,048
Total Cash and Securities $357,837,714
Loans $254,407,126
Other Assets 14,665,124
Total Assets $626,909,964
Deposits $514,381,201
Other Liabilities 46,633,178
Total Liabilities $561,014,379
Total Stockholders Equity $65,895,585
Total Liabilities and Capital $626,909,964

In addition to the above assets, the Financial Managment and Trust Services Department, acting in various fiduciary capacities, administers investments with a book value of $117,186,633.


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