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Statement Of Condition


First National Bank

Ames, Iowa
June 30, 2015

Cash and Due from Banks $14,734,964
Interest Bearing Bank Balances 11,521,150
U.S. Government Securities 137,431,469
Municipal Bonds 154,004,996
Corporate Bonds and Other Securities 24,022,980
Total Cash and Securities $341,715,559
Loans 354,832,479
Other Assets 17,279,834
Total Assets $713,827,872
Deposits $583,184,467
Other Liabilities 60,618,599
Total Liabilities $643,803,066
Total Stockholders' Equity $70,024,806
Total Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity $713,827,872

In addition to the above assets, the Financial Management Department, acting in various fiduciary capacities, administers investments with a book value of $119,442,592.


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